Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to popular listing questions about getting your mistress website listed within Mistress Zone UK Mistress Directory. Take a few moments of your time to review the questions, browse the answers, and when you’re ready to add your website, please click the button below to add your website. These FAQ’s are updated on a regular basis.

Add Your Website

Do I Need My Own Website?

You need to have a professionally designed website to get listed within Mistress Zone UK Mistress Directory. Your website must have been created by a professional designer. Sorry, we don’t accept submissions from websites knocked up in a few minutes, using freebie online template web design systems. Respectfully, get a professionally designed website.

How Many Free Listings?

Quality is more important to us than quantity. Having a policy of unlimited free listings serves no purpose. The allocation of free listings available within your desired location, will be made available during the submission process. In return for providing you with mistress promotion, you will be required to promote our directory, via your links page.

Restricted Location Listings?

Having an unlimited number of mistresses listed, serves no purpose. Quality listings are more important than the quantity. We are populating the Mistress Zone directory, with a maximum number of listings within certain locations. These locations will be made up of 20% standard free and 80% standard paid listings, maximum of 25 x listings per location.